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About Us: Our History

Brief History

Mr. Keith has been actively involved in the residential housing business for more than 40 years. He started in the 1960's as a single-family homebuilder and moved on to conventionally financed apartments and condominiums in the 1970's. In 1979 with his partner, William Duggan, he formed Central Street Construction Company, which specialized in developing and building government financed apartment complexes. The company reached a peak volume of $42 million in 1989, and reorganized in 1992.

In 1993, Mr. Keith teamed up with Mr. Forde, one of the key members of Central Street Construction, and founded Keith Construction, Inc. maintaining the same values, standards of excellence, and goals. Working together and with other apartment owners, the company developed a niche in renovating occupied apartment complexes that needed to be updated after nearly 20 years of use. Keith Construction has since expanded throughout most of New England and into the Mid-Atlantic states. The client list is a Who's Who in the affordable housing industry, Beacon Communities, Boston Land Company, Caleb Foundation, P.O.A.H., Rosenthal Group, Weston Associates, The Winn Companies, Schochet Associates, The Wishcamper Companies, Rees-Larkin Development, and many others.

Keith Construction enjoys an affiliation with Keith Properties, Inc. Keith Construction’s close association with the property management company affords our team of specialists the opportunity to look at construction and development from the owner’s vantage point. The learned knowledge from this relationship assists in the planning, design, and construction stages of projects. This is most noticeable in Keith Construction’s depth of knowledge in market and housing trends. Clients are often pleasantly surprised at our ability to foresee opportunities often overlooked that help create value.