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About Us: Keith Today

Business Strategy

Keith Construction understands that construction is a service business, and focuses our expertise in housing reconstruction and new development, through a collaborative building effort. These projects fall inside four market segments we define as historic preservation, sustainable building, rental housing, and new development. It is within this collaborative and niche focused frame-work that we create value for our clients.

While not all our projects require the same advanced level of construction expertise, each is treated the same. This commitment and caring have established Keith the industry-wide reputation for quality and professionalism.

Under Mr. Keith's and Mr. Forde’s vision and leadership, the company continues to meet new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.


We are dedicated to the highest level of safety on our project sites. This dedication is demonstrated in our 0.82 Safety Modification Rating. Our implementation of an aggressive and proactive safety program creates a better working environment, safer sites, and most of all, peace of mind for our clients.

Our Safety Program is monitored by safety industry specialists.

Contractors Risk Management, Inc.
Judd Ludeking, Agent
33 Fisherville Road
Concord, NH 03302
800 486-9028

Insurance Reference

Eastern States Insurance Agency Inc.
Christopher Clark, CLCS, Account Executive
50 Prospect Street
Waltham, MA 02453

Bonding Reference

Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
131 Oliver St.
Boston, MA 02110
617 535-7200
We are bondable to a $50,000,000 single project limit and $150,000,000 aggregate.

Minority and Women’s Business Execution

Keith Construction takes great pride in our successful minority and women’s business outreach policy. Keith maintains an updated database of MBE/WBE subcontractors and actively seeks competitive bids from these firms. We have great success in achieving outreach project goals as noted in the below statistics.

  • MBE Contracts awarded in the last three years exceeds $10,000,000
  • WBE Contract awarded in the last three years exceeds $9,000,000
  • In the last $210,000,000 in volume our Minority Staffing exceeds 20%


Construction Volume

The Last Ten Years: