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About Us: Executive Team

From the top down, we recognize what it takes to build out a project successfully. With over 100 years of construction leadership experience, this executive team helps drive a building program integrated with the client’s goals and strategy.

John W. Keith
President and Partner

John Keith has over 40 years experience in the development and general contracting fields of construction. He has vast knowledge in dealing with state funding organizations and programs, Tax Credits, HUD, and other related organizations. This knowledge and his experience in not only being a successful developer but in dealing with some of the most successful developers in the region makes Mr. Keith a valuable and competent professional in any development or construction team. John W. Keith is also the founder of Keith Properties Inc., a property management company with over 1500 units under management.

Timothy E. Forde
Vice President and Partner

Tim Forde is Vice President of all construction operations and Partner. Tim has over 32 years experience in the construction industry. Tim was one of the key team members in Mr. Keith’s Central Street Construction prior to partnering to create Keith Construction. Tim is the executive leader in charge of both project management and field operations for Keith Construction. He has the uncanny ability to quickly understand and help deal with any situation, whether simple or complex.

John P. Levitsky
Treasurer and CFO

As Treasurer and CFO John is responsible for all financial aspects of the company. John has over 20 years experience in the construction and real estate industry and has great skill in dealing with a wide variety of financing institutions and organizations. He holds degrees in Accounting and Economics and is your primary contact for all matters financial.

Kelley A. Carroll

Kelley has a BS in Accounting and over 15 years of experience in the industry. She has been responsible for general ledger and job cost maintenance and reporting for many different types of construction projects, from commercial and industrial to residential. She handles all day to day financial activity for the company, in addition to overseeing Human Resource issues.