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Oliver Lofts


Continuity of Construction

As a general contractor engaged early in the process we understand that the information we provide during the design phase becomes the foundation for a successful project. Keith Construction takes great pride in ensuring that the budgets we help create are accurate and buildable. 

We achieve continuity of construction through the product of understanding your needs, and the use of project control tools and ideas generated throughout the construction process. We focus on schedule, budget, field management and project management to ensure the project is completed on-time and on-budget.

Keith Construction provides numerous pre-construction services that include conceptual estimating, value design, green and energy efficient consultation, site plan review, scheduling, and final budget estimating. 

Value Design
A primary focus is on Value Design, a collaborative effort between owner, architect, and contractor to maximize value of design within budget constraints. The process is a pure cost-benefit analysis based on series of qualitative and quantitative options rather than an “options pricing exercise” typical of value engineering. In options pricing you will always get less than you want at more than you want to spend. 

During construction you can expect thorough review and updates to the master building schedule. This helps keep the entire team on the same page with regard to work progress and material availability. 

Built to Last - Sustainability
At Keith we endeavor to understand the interrelationships different building components and systems have on the whole building. This is more than building green or using the most environmental friendly products but helping to create the most value from construction through design collaboration, product availability and cost, and understanding owner needs.

Project Management
All field activities are managed by experienced full-time superintendents and assistants as work progress requires. This staffing ensures that daily operations, safety, and communication is maintained for a smooth construction process. Ultimately it is the project manager that is responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of the completed project on budget. The project manager understands that managing the client’s money responsibly is key to the success of the project.  

Keith has the expertise and experience to help guide product selection through a whole building approach that includes value design and budgeting. This results in a more efficient, cost-effective building, with lower operating costs and significantly less impact on our surrounding environment. This understanding combined with responsibility for the work-flow and schedule round out our project continuity process.